Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working on Spring/Summer Designs

During the winter I shut the store down to just 3 days a week.  The rest of the time I use to work on new designs.  Here is one I am working on for my spring/summer collection 2012.  Remember kerchiefs

kerchief |ˈkərCHəf-ˌCHēf|
nouna piece of fabric used to cover the head, or worn tied around the neck.• a handkerchief.DERIVATIVESkerchiefed adjectiveORIGIN Middle English kerchef, from Old French cuevrechief, from couvrir to cover + chief head.Remember I'm turning 64 on January 27th......Remember neck scarves in Grease and/or the 50's

Well.....The kerchief, Doris Day and the 50's......
MEET.....Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear

a kerchief....no a neck scarf....no.....both......
it's a Rosiewildwoman Design....

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