Monday, August 29, 2011

The magic of wool-surface embellishment

Taking felting to another level....surface design, nuno felt on nuno felt, a lotus flower hair clip that can be moved anywhere on the creation or placed in your hair....right now it is on the shoulder....pull out the scalloped edges around the neckline

 and then the's an ahaaaa moment and the nuno felt on nuno felt pops.....all will be stitched down with decorative stitching......there are no failures just happy journeys....Rosiewildwoman  Art to Wear.....

the magic of wool

size 4X polyester victorian looking blouse

applied carded wool and angelina to both sides of each side using resist.....fulled down to a size 16 front side..had my husband help with sliding the resist in with wool on it

on the back I tried to do it myself and the wool slid down on the top plus I was impatient in rolling the back side which is a bad habit on mine.....but....I have scraps I am now felting and I will do some surface design at the top which will be cosmetic as well as unique to the design which can tend to be ordinary if it was just felted like anyone can do.....Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear

front and back with surface design talked about in next post....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

deconstruct a dress, card some wool to match, wet felt it and then dye it.....voila....A "Cranberry Slush" Poncho could no resist this wedding gown in the Halloween section for $9.99....The pink flower lace netting, puff sleeves, crinoline, satin, trails of white flowers.....what can I do with this and wool????  It will be fun letting it become what it wants to be.....Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear