Friday, April 22, 2011

Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear WILD Scrumble

Noun:scrumble (plural scrumbles)
A small piece of freeform crochet or knitting that can be joined to make a larger piece of freeform work. Rosiewildwoman Scrumble: LARGE piece of freeform crochet or knitting that doesnt know where it is going until it gets there!!!!  A work in progress right now....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rosiewildwoman Nuno Felted Silk Scarf with BLOOM

Finally got the result I was looking for....oh my I am such a stubborn wildwoman....Thank you, Tash, for suggesting I lay the wool out in a different direction.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Something I have wanted to try....Fabric Beads....Some colorful fabric adhered to blotter paper and then rolled into beads....then decorated with different colored pens, alcohol ink, krylon gold pen, luminere paints, the kitchen sink....whatever feels GOOD!

It's a Rosiewildwoman Bead on a Wire....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rosiewildwoman Wild Scrumble Hat

It's a Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear Wild Scrumble Hat. Extra fine merino wool with polyester accents is scrumbled (freeform crochet) into a long band which is then wrapped, twisted and molded into a headband which is then scrumbled somemore with a matching textured yarn. No pattern....just creating as I go.....It's a WILD Scrumble Hat!

Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear

Mixed Media Halo Hat Some adorable wool locks in two shades of brown are spun and then knitted together.. The Rosiewildwoman Halo Hat is then created by combining the knitted wool locks with crocheted sari silk. The entire band encases the head in texture and color. If your hair matches, you can not tell where the hair begins and the Halo Hat ends....If your hair does not match the Halo Hat will be a total focus....I like it both ways but I like and wear all my Halo Hats!