Friday, December 30, 2011



Merino and silk on gray silk
spiral scarf
 Buried Treasure felted sea star on gray headband to compliment "Stormy Seas"  

Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear


Bead and wire crochet meets Rosiewildwoman wet felting and spinning art yarn to match the felt and then free form crocheted to widen and extend and then lightly wet felted and then dreads added and have a Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear Headband.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wild Blooms

Another idea bears fruit or should I say "Wild Blooms"
fabulous gemstone flowers and leaves recycled from 
oriental flower arrangements.....

Create a wet felted tussie mussie holder to capture the unique flowers and leaves, put a pin back on the back
and have a Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear Original Design.....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joy Abounds and is uncontainable.....

Creativity is FLOWING at Wildwoman Creations

December Sunsets on the Oregon Coast 

Great Inspiration for creating with art yarn from Neauveau Fibers, sari silk ribbon, bamboo silk yarn, and several mixed commercial yarns all closed with a ceramic heart button                    

 but the piece d'resistance was this acrylic knitted scarf embellished with small sequins and was 3 panels pieced together with holes in the design.....begging to be filled with carded merino and angelina wool and spikes at each end.....Naturally the wool is not going to stick to the sticks to itself and the spikes and when it shrinks it shortens the needed something more....watercolored purple scarf stripped out and fed through the holes 3 strips....pulled and you have a ruffled cowl and bow....let out and you have a ruffled wrap....You choose......Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear.......

Oh my gosh....what should I do with the holes....fill them with wool of course!!!!
Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lincoln County Fairgrounds Farmers Market 2011/2012 Vendor List

Lincoln County Fairgrounds Farmers Market

2011/2012 Vendor List

1.    Common Treasury Farm (Alsea) Produce, turkeys, wool
2.    Mom & Pop Farm (Alsea) produce, eggs, and more
3.    Ollala Nursery (Toledo) Plants, seasonal greenery
4.    Rooster Plow Farms (Toledo) Eggs/vinegars/jams/herbs
5.    Sitka Springs Farm (Toledo) Produce
6.    The Honey Pit (Sherwood) Honey
7.    Walker Farms of Siletz (Siletz) Produce, chicken, lamb, beef, turkeys

1.    All Great Things (Depoe Bay)-Soup mixes, cream cheese mixes, sauces
2.    Bojomamma’s (Newport) baked goods, toffee
3.    Carmel Knoll (Newport) Soup mixes, pasta mixes, dips, coffee/cocoa mixes
4.    Holycakes (Newport) Cupcakes
5.    Old River Coffee Roasters (Siletz) Coffee by the cup, coffee beans/ground
6.    Pacific Sourdough (Waldport) Artisan breads, desserts, pastries
7.    Ray’s Gourmet Kettle Korn (Waldport) Kettle Korn
8.    Volta Deli (Newport) bread and pastries


1.    Anja’s Unique Beaded Jewelry/Busters Dog Treats (Newport)
2.    Art Rocks (Newport)
3.    Bead Chicas (Newport)
4.    Calise Soapworks and Such (Lincoln City)
5.    Coyote Creek Fabrics (Waldport)
6.    Dan Anderson (Waldport)
7.    Bitterfruit Jewelry (Newport)
8.    Don Epperson (Lincoln City)
9.    Enlightened Illuminations (Tidewater)
10.Eunice Chavez (Toledo)
11. Hauser Gallery (Seal Rock)
12.JLow Soap (Toledo)
13.Joe Zelfer (Newport)
14.Leland Taraba (Newport)
15.Lost Creek Crafters (South Beach/Newport)
16.Marion Moir (Newport
17.Mark Scott (Depoe Bay)
18.Mona Martin (Lincoln City)
19.Rags to Rugs and Stuff
20.Ruth Zimmer
21.Sandra Hurd Jewelry (Newport)
22.Studio 507 A Accessories (Newport)
23.Tim Powers (Lincoln City)
24.Whimsy Art Glass (Newport)
25.Wild Woman Creations (Depoe Bay)
26.Wind Dancer Designs (Newport)


1.    Desert Springs Spa-Massage-(Newport)
2.    Central Coast Community Acupuncture (Newport)

Felting transforms raw material into art | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Great Article on The Magic of WOOL!!!!

Felting transforms raw material into art | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

Friday, October 21, 2011

From this to This....Voila....the Magic of FELT

Hand carded wool to match the colors in the silk scarf and then wet felted into a fabulous
Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear Wrap......

Pretty in Pink

One piece of handcrafted felt designed into two Fabulous Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear Halo Hats each unique in their own way and adorned with hand spun art yarn....

Friday, October 14, 2011

From the Horse's Mouth: "Felt can be STUPID"

It's good to hear and to know that one medium is not the only medium.  I love felt and the magic of felting but it is not the only medium.....You pick and you choose according to what you are trying to achieve and no medium is the answer for everything.....this link was posted by Hat Supply  a millinery 

Now complete!

Now the blank black collar fits with the rest
 with a little help from fabric paint......
Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear.......never a dull moment!!!!

NOW......It's finished.....

a fabulous art batt from Hanks in the Hood laid down on a chocolate brown prefelt from Outback Fibers and then wet felted....but.....not done yet....
 Did I say, I am a mixed media artist???  Now lets spin the rest of the art batt and here it is.....
 and then let's embellished the wet felted scarf with the newly created art yarn....
 but.....wait....not done yet.  Let's take the rest of the art yarn and free-form crochet a band and attach a WILD flower scrap that was remnants from the beginning scarf.

Now.....I'm done with this creation and it gives me great joy.....Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dreadfully WILD Neck wrap/Necklace

inspired by our recent trip to the Grand Canyon 

Ashley Martineau  art batt spun up and plied with green novelty yarn

 and then designed into a Dreadfully WILD Neck wrap/Necklace.....
 and after the occurred to me that this was also inspired by the tail spinning done by Natalie of Namaste Farms

The Creative Juices are Overflowing!!!!

Ashley Martineau's  art batt "Rome" spun and plied with a turquoise/red accent yarn and then free-form crocheted into a "Dreadfully Wild Halo Hat/Neck Wrap Combo with matching art yarn earrings.....

and then today I layed out a black pre-felt and arranged black and white silk on it draping the silk over each end and wet felted that with the magic sander into a Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear scarf with hair clip accent closure....
 I am thinking I will fabric paint the turned over collar on this....probably with circles......

and then today I took a chocolate brown pre-felt and laid out an art batt on both sides and wet felted it with the magic sander....No material in this....just incredible types of fiber that was in the batt....I saved enough of the batt to spin some art yarn and I also constructed a flower that somehow will be intertwined with the art yarn once I spin it.....Will follow up with that later....

Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear.......

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dreadfully WILD Halo Hat/Neck Wrap

Thank you Tamara for asking for a Halo Hat that could also be a neck wrap....Here it is and I am so happy with the results.....Dreadfully WILD Halo Hat/Neck Wrap with button closure.  You can play with the DREADS to create a different look each time you wear it!!!!  Place it on your head....button through loops to fit, adjust Dreads to suit your MOOD....unbutton, wrap around neck, button and you are ready for anything!!!!  

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's a Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear 
Halo and/or Neck Wrap

An idea that just took taking a vacation to birth.  A Halo Hat wraps around the head....why not wrap it around the neck giving you the option to wear art on your head or your neck....Decisions....Decisions....All it takes is a button closure.....and then the dreads.....on your head or your neck....they are AWESOME and daring and WILD!!!!
Hand spun art yarn plied with Sari silk ribbon and then scrambled into a Halo Hat with a button closure to fit all size heads and it converts to a neck wrap with ease.  


inspired by traveling to Las Vegas for a week and seeing the Grand Canyon.....and then I met three incredible wild women who have hiked the entire Grand Canyon from the south rim to the north rim and BACK for eleven years and for the past 2 years have worn tutus and outrageous headgear.  I was wearing this halo and it sparked an inspiring conversation....that is what a Rosiewildwoman Halo hats does, it is an invitation to converse.....

So I introduce to you:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Felt United 2011

Who:  Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear of Wildwoman Creations Art and Craft Gallery created "Buried Treasure" a combination wearable art scarf and when not worn reversible wall hanging for Felt United which is celebrated on October 1 each year.  This is Rosie's third year participating.  The worldwide submissions are displayed in an online gallery at  It is truly a visual celebration of the magic of raw wool and what can be achieved through surface manipulation...

FeltUnited - 3rd International Day of Felt
October 1st, 2011
Felt - intertwined, bound together, forever as one - United

This years colour scheme: Red-Purple-Blue
A not for profit group of artists with a vast ranging network reaching artists across the planet through diverse associations, groups and guilds.

Our goal is to connect feltmakers around the globe to raise awareness of FELT as a both a craft and an artform.

Felt is man’s oldest known textile. Natural animal fibres combined with a wet environment and agitation are all one needs to produce a non-woven fabric that can withstand the tests of time. It’s uses are endless... from purely utilitarian to utterly whimsical.

Many feltmakers around the globe are geographically  disconnected from their peers,  there is a diversity of lifestyle with some living on farms producing their own fibre, while others live in cities relying on major producers for their supplies. The one tie that binds us is that we make felt, in all shapes and forms, everything from sturdy carpets to ethereal scarves. The world wide web provides us with a connection that brings us together. It is time for the inevitable next step. A project that unites us in more than a virtual world.

Why so many pictures?  It's called bonding with the creation......

Monday, September 19, 2011

all is takes is one day by myself to develop the ideas in my head and here are three of them....

"autumn vines" wet felted wool art to wear scarf

reverse is an "iris" in her final breath of summer wet felted wool art to wear scarf...both created with merino prefelt and Noro wool yarn

 The Rosiewildwoman Halo Hat created with fulled wool blanket chunks sewn randomly on the band and then dyed with eggplant, orange, yellow and brown....I think this is "Spawning Salmon"

Finally this is a beautiful Noro yarn free-form crocheted (scrumbled) 4 inches wide and then wrapped around the head and basted and then sewn free-form into a Rosiewildwoman Halo Hat embellished with a clay button