Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Felt United 2011

Who:  Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear of Wildwoman Creations Art and Craft Gallery created "Buried Treasure" a combination wearable art scarf and when not worn reversible wall hanging for Felt United which is celebrated on October 1 each year.  This is Rosie's third year participating.  The worldwide submissions are displayed in an online gallery at www.feltunited.com.  It is truly a visual celebration of the magic of raw wool and what can be achieved through surface manipulation...

FeltUnited - 3rd International Day of Felt
October 1st, 2011
Felt - intertwined, bound together, forever as one - United

This years colour scheme: Red-Purple-Blue

A not for profit group of artists with a vast ranging network reaching artists across the planet through diverse associations, groups and guilds.

Our goal is to connect feltmakers around the globe to raise awareness of FELT as a both a craft and an artform.

Felt is man’s oldest known textile. Natural animal fibres combined with a wet environment and agitation are all one needs to produce a non-woven fabric that can withstand the tests of time. It’s uses are endless... from purely utilitarian to utterly whimsical.

Many feltmakers around the globe are geographically  disconnected from their peers,  there is a diversity of lifestyle with some living on farms producing their own fibre, while others live in cities relying on major producers for their supplies. The one tie that binds us is that we make felt, in all shapes and forms, everything from sturdy carpets to ethereal scarves. The world wide web provides us with a connection that brings us together. It is time for the inevitable next step. A project that unites us in more than a virtual world.

Why so many pictures?  It's called bonding with the creation......

Monday, September 19, 2011

all is takes is one day by myself to develop the ideas in my head and here are three of them....

"autumn vines" wet felted wool art to wear scarf

reverse is an "iris" in her final breath of summer wet felted wool art to wear scarf...both created with merino prefelt and Noro wool yarn

 The Rosiewildwoman Halo Hat created with fulled wool blanket chunks sewn randomly on the band and then dyed with eggplant, orange, yellow and brown....I think this is "Spawning Salmon"

Finally this is a beautiful Noro yarn free-form crocheted (scrumbled) 4 inches wide and then wrapped around the head and basted and then sewn free-form into a Rosiewildwoman Halo Hat embellished with a clay button

Thursday, September 8, 2011

"goldenrod"  nuno felted wool and dyed cheesecloth accented with a handspun knitted embellished pin.   A Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear Creation

Judie Rubert artist at Wool-ology and member of our Creative Wednesday open studio at Wildwoman Creations Art and Craft Gallery modeling a newly created up-cycled wool and fabric over-blouse.  It's to die for!!!!!  Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear.........

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

mirth·ful (mûrth f l). adj. 1. Full of gladness and gaiety. 2. Characterized by or expressing gladness and gaiety

Inspired from our Art in the Pearl trip and our stay at the Inn at Northrup Station

creating from this

to this.........
Rosiewildwoman Art to wear.....needle and wet felting and machine stitching

Friday, September 2, 2011

celebrating my first Nuno Felted Vest and matching Hat!!!

Repurposing(or the trendy word "up cycling)  an india gauze sun dress into a nuno felted vest and matching hat.  My first, a challenge but working through it has been incredibly helpful in giving me insight on how to approach the next one if I decide to do one....On the table now is a neru type boxy jacket and some super heavy pale pink  pre-felt....but that is for another time....For Now I am Celebrating....."Yes, Virginia....It is Black and White" Hand Crafted Nuno Felted vest and Halo Hat by Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear....
Front with my art yarn spun on wire as the pin/closure along with a snap

right side


left side

Rosiewildwoman Halo Hat (love the fish in the center that was not planned but appeared!!!!) 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meters and meters and meters of dyed cheese cloth

My head is spinning with what I am going to create with this yardage in so many fabulous colors.....I have already incorporated cheese cloth in some of my felting and love the way it blends with the wool....