Saturday, January 21, 2012

Third Vest and why am I doing this?

First of all, the vest is not done....It still needs to be fulled completely.....and then there are the raglan sleeves....Still need to be tweaked.....This time I lengthened the pattern by six inches so I do not have a bolero like the first one I did....The next one I do I might alter the sleeves....Not liking them....Any suggestions??? In the fourth picture, I have turned the sleeves up and they match the turned down collar..... Do you like the sleeves turned up or left down???
It's hard to explain how I did this layout......First of all white prefelt cut into the pattern.  Then more prefelt cut ups in the color way you see laid down and then I made the mistake of cutting tencel and putting in on instead of wisping it on....wont do that again and laid some mohair glitter yarn on and then the grand finale....I had black merino/silk that I had laid out on another material that did not felt so I peeled it up and let it dry and then I used those peelings to lay over the felt cut-ups. It seems to make it look stained glass or mosaic.  The inside is a merino blend "fern wood" brownish with some green.....Will post final pictures after I rub it more and more and more......and then to contemplate a closure.....hmmmmm.....Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear.....

oh, and to answer the question???? why am I doing these vests???? I don't have a clue.... they are time consuming but I seem compelled for some reason.....So...I will just go with the flow.....for now....

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