Thursday, December 8, 2011

Creativity is FLOWING at Wildwoman Creations

December Sunsets on the Oregon Coast 

Great Inspiration for creating with art yarn from Neauveau Fibers, sari silk ribbon, bamboo silk yarn, and several mixed commercial yarns all closed with a ceramic heart button                    

 but the piece d'resistance was this acrylic knitted scarf embellished with small sequins and was 3 panels pieced together with holes in the design.....begging to be filled with carded merino and angelina wool and spikes at each end.....Naturally the wool is not going to stick to the sticks to itself and the spikes and when it shrinks it shortens the needed something more....watercolored purple scarf stripped out and fed through the holes 3 strips....pulled and you have a ruffled cowl and bow....let out and you have a ruffled wrap....You choose......Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear.......

Oh my gosh....what should I do with the holes....fill them with wool of course!!!!
Rosiewildwoman Art to Wear

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