Monday, March 3, 2014

Mixed Media Bead and Wire Crochet Statement by Wildwomancreations

Mixed Media Bead and Wire Crochet Statement by Wildwomancreations

Welcome to the Wild and Wacky World of Wildwoman Creations. This is how I create my one-of-a- kind statement jewelry. I have buckets of beads, all styles, all shades, new and vintage. I dip my hand into the bucket and pull out a handful of beads. This is my palette from which I create. I do not count, I do not lay out a design....I add beads randomly and then crochet them into a final design. I am always amazed and excited at what happens when you do not try to control the outcome. 

So....Voila....I present my One of a Kind Mixed Media Bead and Wire Crochet Statement Necklace in shades of green, black and silver. The wire is tarnish resistant copper wire with a silver finish and the design can be custom fitted to your neck compressing to 18" and gently stretching to 22". The clasp is hand-made flowing with the design.. I always tell my customers...."put the necklace on, adjust length, press design down to conform to your body" "Make it your own" The width of the collar varies from 1-2" depending on the freedom of the design. 

I would like to share several of my mottos about my work.....First...."Normal is NOT an Option" and second..." My creations give people an excuse to look at your chest" You WILL be noticed and my art to wear is a great conversation starter and is not for the timid or shy. 

My work is a celebration of being a woman, loving beautiful, one-of-a-kind art to wear and sharing them with the world as a positive message of love

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