Monday, April 23, 2012

Silk Fusion

Silk Fusion, also known as Silk Paper, is an exciting new creative process.
This unique method bonds silk fibres into a lustrous kind of "felt" which can be gossamer and transparent or thick and opaque as leather. Because the fibres are unspun, silk's rich lustre and texture are captured.
Silk fusion is a perfect canvas for hand or machine stitching, printing, stamping, origami, quilting, jewellery, wearable art, book coverings, collage and on and on.  excerpt from:
Love this medium.....Results of my workshop with Donna Crispin at the Paper Arts Festival in Newport, Oregon.   It was blast and oh I have ideas for these results!!!!

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  1. Absolutely stunning. Can't wait until summer when Donna comes to BLOOM! Her workshop combines two art forms that I'm drawn to--handmade paper and felting!